Saturday, February 21, 2015


IOT everywhere

One of the top trends or buzzwords of today is IOT or IOE. It's everywhere. It's in our homes, kitchens, appliances. It's in our working places optimizing resource usage. Or at least the promise is that "it will soon be". Gartner estimated that this year there will be 5 billion connected "things".

Today it's also pretty practical to hack something around the idea of IOT - there's plenty of open source software and hardware that make experimenting and testing of your ideas easy and cost effective.

I also wanted to try my wings in this area and started couple of personal projects around the idea of IOT @ my home. This is simply because we recently moved to a new house and I found out that for example keeping the room temperatures stable when the outside temperature ranges from -20 to +30 requires a lot of manual adjusting. I am sure there's also few cents to be saved on the utility bills.

The first required step is to start measuring (you cannot improve unless you measure!) so I am currently gathering all the required sensors and a software solution that takes care of my time series data. I probably won't go the "bigdata" route first but see if there's something reasonable available that runs on PI for example.

That's all I have to say about this right now, but I'll keep you posted when things progress.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Open source electric cars?

Is it possible to use open source principles into building electric cars? It seems like it is. Electric Cars - Now! movement (based in Finland) is running a project which allows you to convert your everyday fuel powered car into Zero Emission Vehicle. All the software, blueprints and assembly instructions are provided as open source, free for everybody to use.

They currently have a working prototype called eCorolla (that I happened to see when the false fire alarm drove me to the yard of Innopoli earlier today) based on Toyota Corolla that can drive up to 150 km with full battery. The price for conversion kit is about 20 000 EUR. The lithium batteries are currently the most expensive piece. The price of batteries is expected to drop when the production lines of battery producers ramp up with the demand in future.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Payloads with Lucene/Solr

Grant Ingersoll has written a nice post about using payloads with Lucene/Solr.

Grant gives an introduction on what payloads are, shows how they are injected into Lucene index and finally how stored payloads can be used to score documents. Very nice post!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yahoo! announces their own Distribution of Hadoop

Yahoo has announced the availability of Yahoo Distribution of Hadoop.

Each Yahoo! Distribution of Hadoop goes through exhaustive 2 day testing on Yahoo's 500 node test cluster. Yahoo! also promises that all improvements and patches are to be released under Apache license either through Apache Jira or directly into Apache source code repository.

Yahoo! is not offering any support for their releases but they expect companies that are specialized in Hadoop to take care of that part.